Is your Google Analytics account set up correctly?
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Is your Google Analytics account set up correctly?
You can produce more of the information that converts to bookings and remove the roadblocks. But you need to be set up correctly to capture the right data in the right way.  

Google Analytics is one of the best free web analysis tool available and when you learn to harness its potential, the business intelligence you gain will ensure better results. Although the volume of data available and the multiple ways to interpret can be all-consuming and overwhelming if you set some basic key performance indicators (KPIs), analysis becomes quick and easy. 

So, how much do you really need to know and what are the most important measures to monitor?

1. Audience overview, 
2. Acquisition overview,
3. Conversions, 

Audience overview;  

This allows you to see at a glance the users (new and returning), how long they spend on your site, how many pages they look at (averages) and the bounce rate. The bounce rate tells you the percentage of visitors that leave your site from the same page without any interaction, this could mean they didn’t find value on that page in relation to their search. 

Questions to ask; Am I optimising my site for the right keywords to get the right visitors and is my content relevant?
Acquisition overview;  

This section allows you to see at a glance; where your visitors are coming from - organic search, direct search, referral and social; and the conversions by channel. 

This information shows you which channels perform well in generating bookings. Questions to ask; Am I targeting the best performing channels with my marketing activity? What can I change to get more of what works?!


If your website is ecommerce enabled through Google Analytics then the conversions section allows you to see transactions and revenue. You can also see goals completed. Goals can be set up to measure all manner of actions such as forms completed on the website or specific actions taken.

Conversion data allows you to see the tangible end result of visitor behaviour on your website. With this business intelligence you can better target the high value visitors and channels and reduce efforts in areas that don’t convert. 

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